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How far in advance should I place my rental order?
Although it is recommended that you confirm your linen order least here weeks prior to your wedding day. we can accommodate next day orders as well. Reserving in advance will ensure availability and save on shipping costs.

Can I order samples and swatches if I am interested in some fabrics?
Swatches can be order through our website and do not have to be returned. All full samples may be rented using our online rental system.

How do I obtain a quote on shipping costs?
You may obtain a shipping quote through our online order process. Once you have entered a reservation and before your final checkout, you will receive an estimated one way shipping quote. All online order quotes may be canceled before final checkout or saved in your shopping cart for a later time.

What if I need to change my order?
Additions to an order may be made at any time, but additional charges may apply if expedited shipping is required. Reductions or cancellations must be made before the deadline date and time on your contract, which is normally three business days before the ship date. 

What size are your chair covers and how do I know if they will fit on my chairs? 
Our chair covers are manufactured from high grade fabrics and are generally cut oversized to fit most ballroom chairs. The standard size of our chair covers are 18 inches wide and 37 inches in height. Please keep in mind that these are approximate sizes and if you are unsure if a chair cover will fit a certain chair, we suggest that you order a sample chair cover from our website.

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